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Welcome to Nabutla Real Estate Data, your ultimate source for precise and up-to-date real estate information, specializing in the dynamic market of New York City and its boroughs. Our mission is to empower real estate professionals with comprehensive insights, allowing for strategic decisions on diverse property types across the five boroughs.

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In addition to our comprehensive NYC borough data, we offer real estate data for any other area in the US by demand. Contact us for tailored insights and information on diverse markets.

Why Choose Nabutla Real Estate Data? Join our satisfied clients who have harnessed the power of Nabutla Real Estate Data for strategic decision-making. Whether you're interested in tax lien opportunities, mailing precision, insights into absentee owners or empty nesters, interactive sheets, API integration, or customized data solutions, Nabutla is your trusted partner for success in the dynamic real estate landscape across NYC boroughs and beyond. Contact us today for a personalized experience.

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Staten Island

On the Nabutla Data website, you'll gain access to the latest and most precise NYC real estate data, presented in a user-friendly format. Our priority is not just delivering data but ensuring it's easily comprehensible, enabling you to promptly utilize valuable insights without deciphering its contents. 

Owner Absentee / Absentee Owner Lists - 5 Boroughs NYC

Unlock exclusive and unparalleled real estate insights, available only on the Nabutla platform. Discover unique data sets meticulously curated to empower your investment decisions. Gain an edge in the market with our user-friendly interface and prompt access to invaluable information. 

unique data about Tax delinquent and water debts

Nabutla Data offers personalized data solutions for your mailing campaigns. We optimize this data to precisely target your desired audience. This approach helps you avoid resource wastage on irrelevant properties and incorrect addresses, ultimately saving both your money and effort. 

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At Nabutla Data, our objective is to offer you more than typical data solutions. We go the extra mile by providing interactive tools that empower you to accomplish more. For instance, with just one click, you can identify concerns such as tax delinquencies or instantly access the contact details of property owners 

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We At Nabutla Data recognize that each individual may have distinct requirements and preferences. We value your input and actively seek new requests and suggestions. Whether you're seeking unique data not yet provided on our website or envisioning a different emphasis or organization, we encourage you to contact us. Our dedicated team is committed to helping you obtain the data you desire, customized to meet your specific needs and ideas 

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